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Proceedings of the Royal Society B — Condor 1 : 89— Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 65 7 : — Journal of Theoretical Biology 42— Naturwissenschaften 98 7 : — Journal of Navigation 64 3 : — Journal of Comparative Physiology A 7 : — Biology Letters 7: Ecography 34 1 : 1—8. Wildlife Biology 17 2 : — Polar Biology 31— The Auk 4 — Landscape Ecology 25 3 : — Biotropica 42 3 : — Journal of Avian Biology 41 2 : — Human Ecology 38 6 : — Nature — Nye P New York State bald eagle report Peters Wibke Resource selection and abundance estimation of moose: Implications for caribou recovery in a human altered landscape.

MS Thesis. Antrim, Northern Ireland. Conservation Evidence, 7: 32— Biological Conservation 7 : — Indications from satellite tracking of raptors. Biology Letters 6: — Endangered Species Research 10 1 : 93— Hebblewhite M, Merrill EH Trade-offs between predation risk and forage differ between migrant strategies in a migratory ungulate. Ecology 90 12 : — Journal of Vegetation Science 20 6 : — Polar Biology 32 5 : — Waterbirds — Schiffner I, Wiltschko R Point of decision: when do pigeons decide to head home? Naturwissenschaften 96 2 : — Proceedings of the Royal Society B : — Ardea 97 3 : — Journal of Avian Biology 40 5 : — Landscape Ecology 24 10 : — Series in Ornithology 3.

Hansbauer MM, Pimentel R A comparison of five techniques for attaching radio-transmitters to tropical passerine birds. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia 16 33 : — Biological Conservation 3 : — Journal of Tropical Ecology 24 3 : — Hebblewhite M, Merrill EH Modelling wildlife-human relationships for social species with mixed-effects resource selection models. Journal of Applied Ecology 45 3 : — Ecological Monographs 78 2 : — Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 62 9 : — The Auk 1 : — Journal of Zoology 2 : — Ardea 96 2 : — Wader Study Group Bulletin 55— Oecologia 2 : — Hirsch BT Within-group spatial position in ring-tailed coatis Nasua nasua : balancing predation, feeding success, and social competition.

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Biological Reviews 82 3 : — Marine Ecology Progress Series — Marine Biology — Biological Conservation 1 : 28— Animal Behaviour 74 5 : — Ecological Applications 16 6 : — Journal of Raptor Research 40 2 — Hebblewhite Linking predation risk and forage to ungulate population dynamics. Dissertation, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. The case of Alberta's Ya Ha Tinda elk herd. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34 5 : — The Journal of Wildlife Management 70 3 : — Journal of Avian Biology 37 1 : 58— Marine Biology 2 : — Polar Biology 29 9 : — Animal Behaviour 72 4 : — Biology Letters 2 3 : — Ursus — MA Thesis.

State University of New York at Albany. Polar Biology 26 1 : 32— Ibis — Journal of Avian Biology 32 1 : 47— Blue Jay 60 2 — Animal Conservation 7: Journal of Zoology — Journal of Avian Biology 32 1 : 57— Condor 4 : — Journal of Raptor Research 38 1 — Petersen MR, Douglas DC Winter ecology of spectacled eiders: environmental characteristics and population change. The Condor 1 : 79— Wildfowl — Ibis 4 : — Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 12 1 : 75— Journal of Avian Biology 34 2 : — North American Bird Bander 26 4 : — The Eyas 10 1 : 32— The Condor — Journal of Avian Biology 29 4 : — August September 6, Tel Aviv Israel.

Torgos, No. Moore PJ Foraging range of the yellow-eyed penguin Megadyptes antipodes. Marine Ornithology 49— The Condor 97 1 : — The Auk 4 : — Marine Ornithology 77— Waser PM Monthly variations in feeding and activity patterns of the mangabey, Cercocebus albigena Lydekker. East African Wildlife Journal — Waser PM Cercocebus albigena: site attachment, avoidance, and intergroup spacing. American Naturalist — Primate Ecology. Academic Press, New York. There is also a thorough discussion on nomenclature rules for naming plants.

Swallow Press, Athens, OH. This illustrated glossary is an essential tool for the beginning botany student to learn the unique terminology that accompanies grass identification. Note: See Appendix C: Supplemental Activities for information on several additional environmental education activity guides. Anne Bocher. An excellent primer on biodiversity that includes an overview, chronology of the development of the concept, biographical sketches of scientists working on biodiversity, statistics, illustrations, significant documents, a directory of organizations, print and other resources.

Manuel C. Molles, Jr. The book is full of stories from the field, Internet resources, color pictures and illustrations, and many references. Harold R. Stipes Publishing Co. This book includes readings and activities for high school and college students to reinforce ecological concepts. Joan Doyle, Kristin L.

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This guide for teachers has many activities for introducing basic ecological concepts to students. Available in both teacher and student editions, this guide provides readings and activities for exploring issues along the Rio Grande. Ian Stewart. Aimed at the educated but non-specialist reader, this book explores the fascinating mathematical patterns found in nature. Tom Wessels. This book has etchings of landscapes, each followed by a chapter of interpretations of the ecological history of the landscape depicted based on observed features.

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Even though this book focuses on interpreting New England landscapes, the thought patterns and concepts can be applied to the bosque. Carol W. Kinsley and Kate McPherson, eds. In this practical guide to service learning, 21 contributors describe specific service-learning projects that have enhanced the curriculum in schools across the United States—and that have improved student learning in the process.

They are designed to show students how to apply scientific knowledge to solving real-life problems. Steve Olson and Susan Loucks-Horsley, eds. National Research Council. National Academy Press, Washington, D. This is a practical guide to teaching inquiry and teaching through inquiry. Detailed examples help clarify when teachers should use the inquiry-based approach and how much structure, guidance and coaching they should provide.

Douglas Llewellyn. A comprehensive guide to inquiry-based learning. Provides concrete examples of inquiry-based teaching and learning along with tips and tools for science teachers. Jeannine Atkins. The lives of six renowned female scientists and naturalists are described from early childhood to maturity. Their childhoods were filled with adventures in nature regardless of whether they were encouraged by their families or not.

Extraordinary commitment, intelligence and perseverance helped these women succeed in non-traditional careers. Aldo Leopold. Oxford University Press, New York.

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David E. Brown and Neil B. Carmony, eds.

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Several of the essays discuss wildlife along the Rio Grande. Susan L. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London. This is a good book for the serious of student of Aldo Leopold. Although not directly related to the bosque, this book tracks the kinds of changes Leopold made in his thinking throughout his career. May Thielgaard Watts.

Her book, full of diagrams and drawings, helps us to learn to reach the stories written about the land.

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Robin Burnett, illustrated by Sergey Ivanov. Keepers of the Earth. Keepers of the Animals. Keepers of the Night. Keepers of Life. Joseph Bruchac and Michael Caduto. These four books are ollections of Native American stories, with developed activities to help children appreciate the stories and the natural world. Sharing Nature with Children. Sharing the Joy of Nature. Listening to Nature. Joseph Cornell. Many ideas for activities to do with kids in the outdoors. Nature Scope Activity Guides.

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National Wildlife Federation. These are just a few of the Nature Scope environmental education guides. Each thematic guide is full of hands-on activities for students. Edited by Verne Huser. The Globe Pequot Press. Chester, CT. A collection of writings about rivers and the thoughts that rivers inspire. Steve Van Matre and Bill Weiler. A collection of inspiring words of nature writers.

Gary Paul Nabhan and Stephen Trimble. Beacon Press, Boston. This is a collection of essays by two naturalists, fathers and environmental educators reflecting on the importance of children spending time in the outdoors. The book offers compelling evidence that exploration of wild places promotes self-esteem, confidence, and caring in children. Page Stegner, ed. Eight writers capture the spirit of the river in written words through essays, adventure stories, reflections and even confessions on the power rivers have over us.

In addition, 61 stunning photographs illustrate the collections. Hannah Hinchman. This beautiful book is full of activities, examples and ideas that will inspire any nature journalist, from the novice to the experienced. Betty Edwards. Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. This book has helped many people who believed they could not draw, learn to draw.

Applying discoveries in brain research to the teaching of drawing skills, this book presents a set of exercises designed to release creative potential and tap into the special abilities of the visual, perceptual right hemisphere of the brain.

Ira Progoff, PhD. This workbook is for the serious student of the journaling process. It focuses more on written journals and will appeal more to teachers and older, mature students. Featuring of the most common animals of North America, each card comes South Carolina is a birder's paradise, with more than species having been recorded in South Carolina is a birder's paradise, with more than species having been recorded in the state.

Christmas bird counts along the coast often yield some of the highest species totals on the entire East Coast. The ultimate illustrated guide to the most common and sought-after species in the state Birds The ultimate illustrated guide to the most common and sought-after species in the state Birds of California highlights bird species in the Golden State. Anatomically correct illustrations and detailed descriptions about each bird's prominent physical attributes and natural habitat Falcon Field Guides[TM] are full-color, visually appealing, on-the-go guides for identifying plants and animals and Falcon Field Guides[TM] are full-color, visually appealing, on-the-go guides for identifying plants and animals and learning about nature.

Birds of Prey. Falcon Pocket Guide:Birds of Prey is a field guide to the 55 birds of prey Anatomically correct illustrations of the birds in flight and on the ground and detailed descriptions about each bird's prominent physical attributes and Falcon Pocket Guide: Trees. Trees is a must-have, field guide for beginners and experts alike. Whether you're on a Whether you're on a nature hike or taking a stroll in your neighborhood, you'll want to take along a copy of this indispensable guide featuring some of the most Falcon Guides.