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Of course, they were also supposed to be irresistibly attractive and suave. Unfortunately Donny was just your average red-haired, freckle-faced guy, and Mr. Really, it was all rather disappointing when she thought about it. A low growl drew her attention to Mr.

Master Vampire, and she noted with some concern that he looked kind of pissed off. It was the obey thing where he lost her. It was the main reason he became an ex. Leigh had no idea why, either. Unfortunately, while her mind was somewhat her own, her body was not. A growl distracted Morgan and he glanced down to the side. Then, to her surprise, he scooped her into his arms and started back across the street. Donny followed. He was muttering under his breath with resentment, Leigh noted, glancing over the shoulder of the man carrying her.

Then her view was obstructed as Morgan carried her around the back of a black van. She'd crossed the road just two car lengths before the van earlier, and now suspected it was where Morgan had appeared from. She was sure it had only been one set of footsteps following her up the street. He'd obviously read her mind again, Leigh realized as he climbed in after her. The van shifted a bit on its wheels as he got in the driver's seat. Morgan seemed amused by her thoughts. Will you like me better then, I wonder? Once I am your sire?

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Leigh was still trying to sort out why it would be necessary when her mouth suddenly opened of its own accord and he pressed his bleeding wrist to her lips. The tinny liquid poured over her teeth and across her tongue. She was forced to swallow or choke on it.

She swallowed. Two men stood by the open back doors, choosing and checking weapons in the gray predawn light. Like himself, they were dressed all in black and were over six feet tall. Both were also muscular and had short hair, but one was a brunet and the other a blond. Lucian shrugged, unable to find any real enthusiasm for the task ahead. He found it more interesting to track down the nests than to clear them out, but even that was less challenging than it used to be.

The two men had been thick as thieves for centuries, and because of that, Lucian had counted the man as a friend as well.

Now, here he stood, the rumors confirmed and Morgan marked for death. Lucian blinked away his thoughts and took in the first rays of sunlight creeping up to drive away the night. This was the best time to hit. Everyone would be returned to the nest by now and settling in to sleep the day away. It looked bad in this light, but was worse -- he knew -- in daylight, when the sun baked down cruelly on the flaking paint, the boarded-over windows, and the weed-tangled lawn.

How the rogues chose to live never failed to amaze him. It was as if -- once their mind snapped and they decided to become the scourge of the earth -- they believed normal, civilized homes were beyond them. Or perhaps they were simply living down to what mortals thought they were, hoping to lure and hold their pack members in thrall that way. After all, if mortals knew how little magic immortals truly had, they might find it less attractive to be one, or at least to be their servants.

Shaking off these cynical thoughts, Lucian glanced toward the other two men and finally gave his answer. Nodding, Mortimer closed the van doors, took the larger gas can from Bricker, and the three of them moved to the edge of the woods. They paused, their gazes sliding over the windows once again. They watched in silent surprise as a dark van turned into the driveway and crunched up the gravel lane. This was different. They moved back a bit into the trees to be less visible.

As they watched, the van parked close to the house, then the driver jumped out and ran around to open the rear doors. Lucian stiffened as Morgan swept out of the van, a brunette in his arms. There would be no escape. Justin Bricker was young enough that he still ate, and Garrett Mortimer went along to keep him company and sometimes picked at food. They both seemed taken with her charm and sense of humor, and he supposed this Leigh was the "pretty little thing" in question. He sounded grim and angry. Mortimer rarely got angry.

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Shrugging, Lucian turned his gaze back to the house. Bricker frowned and glanced at Lucian. Lucian ignored him and proceeded to examine his equipment. No one seemed to want to look at anyone else. He took the book from Thomas and returned it to the bag. Silence filled the room and they all stared at him wide-eyed. Lucian is such a tough guy but to see his character bei Lucian is over 2, years old and really has no idea.

Lucian is such a tough guy but to see his character being completely lost with how to perform simple everyday tasks was endearing. There is not a lot of action to this story as it is most focused on the relationship between Lucian and Leigh. As far as a PNR goes this is a very sweet, romantic, and funny story. I love Lucian and Leigh as a couple. One, because Lucian turned out to be the marshmallow Rachell called him, of course after trying to dump the poor woman on everyone he could get his hands on.

Two, Leigh wasn't the snippy crying woman you'd expect a newly turned and almost rogue vampire to be. As she is always described, she was the peaceful self all along. I love Lucian! He seems like such a tough guy from others POV and he starts out really tough. He falls for Leigh and it's hilarious. Both characters are pretty funny.

In this story Lucian Argeneau meets his match in a bar owner from Kansas. The whole family gets involved to get him his HEA. Except Marguerite who is surprising absent, but in her one cameo does manage to try to play matchmaker over the phone The story opens with Leigh Gerard walking home from work at about in the morning. Lucian is one crusty character.

Leigh was much to easy on him but as the book goes on he becomes much more human and the message that a lifemate can make a leopard change his spots came through loud and clear. I look for to his appreances in further books. I am started to warm up to LS's style of writing but admit to finding them a slow start. One of my very favorite things in books is when something or someone is not human is trying to be "human". This book had me laughing out loud.

When you read the books in this series, there are no great surprises, but they do offer and light hearted pnr story. I had a hard time putting this down. I was doing the "I will just read to the end of the chapter and then I will go clean my bathroom. Sep 16, CC rated it liked it Shelves: pnr , series , safe-for-me , audiobooks-owned. Plus it is the 6th book in the series. I did not feel like I missed a lot by not reading the prior books.

The book was funny, but at times I felt it was trying too hard to be funny and sacrificing the character traits of the Hero especially in that effort. Making him at times appear to be a bumbling idiot when he was really supposed to be some badass vampire hunter. Overall it was enjoyable enough that I am going to try another later book in the Overall it was enjoyable enough that I am going to try another later book in the Series.

Bite Me If You Can

Safety gang safe but there is another minor trigger for a couple of people view spoiler [ Lucian had a life mate and children years ago and they died. He has found no life mate since. But clearly you can have more than one! Wonder what happens if the first one had not died? Anyway, he loved them but it has been so long he cannot remember their faces. He just remembers loving having a family. He never says Leigh is the best but since it has been so long, it was really hard to complain.

He had been celibate since Alexander the Greats wedding. So a LONG time! Heroine was not a virgin but only had an abusive ex. View 2 comments. If you've read through the first 5 books of this Series then you know that Lucian is.. He is one of the oldest immortals and he is hanging on by a thread from turning Rogue like so many before him.

Lucian is out hunting, hunting rogue vampires that is, when Leigh is thrown into his lap. Leigh is a bar owner who just happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time and has hired the wrong type of employees. The combination of the two is just incredibly funny.

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L If you've read through the first 5 books of this Series then you know that Lucian is.. His orginal plan was to dump her into Marguerites lap. Upon his arrival he quickly finds not only is Marguerite unavailable but every other member of the family is unvailable. There are some really hilarious scenes in this book. It was one of the funniest books of the series to date. Nov 04, Liz Meldon rated it liked it Shelves: series , romance , paranormal.

What I liked: - the humor. I thought there were some really genuinely funny moments throughout the book. The author had a great voice and knew how to embarrass her characters.

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What I didn't like: - the fact that about two thirds of the whole book was basically a giant info-dump about this world's vampir Yeesh. What I didn't like: - the fact that about two thirds of the whole book was basically a giant info-dump about this world's vampires, how nanos make them perfect, and Atlantis. It kind of works for someone who hasn't read the other books in the series like me -- but even I got tired of it , but it must have been mindnumbingly boring if you've read the first five books and know the lore already Basically, this book felt like filler to me.

I liked Lucian and Leigh, but I didn't feel like I had enough time to see them develop as a couple, and this was in a full. So, yeah. Bit of a shoulder-shrugger for me. I WOULD be interested in reading more from the series, provided all the info-dumping isn't something that happens in every book. Apr 01, Minx rated it really liked it Shelves: flights-of-fantasy , read-in , dark-fantasy , paranormal-romance. I am a fan of Lynsay Sands and an even bigger fan of her Argeneau series! This book in particular had me laughing out loud. I highly recommend. Apr 05, Dianne rated it liked it. I did love seeing the uber strict and straight as an arrow, Immortal Enforcer Lucian, get his comeuppance when he meets his second life mate and he has to help her while she makes the change. It was a good story but as I said the first part was a bit boring in that it was all about Leighs change and how it affected Lucian. The rest of the book is typical of Ms Sands in that the bulk of the story is on these two learning about each others foibles, the Immortal learning to live in the 'human' world again and realizing that just because one lives many hundreds of centuries, doesn't make them perfect.

It was fun seeing the stick-up-the-butt Lucian coming to terms with the fact that Leigh is his life-mate, re-learning to eat, and finding his sense of humor again. He was an extremely well-written character, and even though this is fiction you can almost beleive that he is just a real and regular guy. I appreciated the fact that Leigh was one of the more easy going women in this series and excepted her fate without much angst.

All in all a good but not great addition to the series. View 1 comment. Jan 22, Kinga rated it really liked it. As she is always described, she was he peaceful self all along. And perhaps that's what makes her perfect for Lucian. Him being the enforcer and oldest and cruelst, he needs a little peace and smiles and I love Lucian and Leigh as a couple. Him being the enforcer and oldest and cruelst, he needs a little peace and smiles and all those in his home. And she can kick ass.

Bonus points. Mar 20, Eskimo Princess Jenkins rated it it was amazing Shelves: plus , , avon , paranormal-romance , , suspense. Still loved it as much as the first time I read it! OMG I couldn't put this book down. I had stop stop practically everything else so I could read this.

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The book consumed me!!!! Then again most of the books in this series are awesome Man Lucian really was a hard ass. I have been reading this series all out of order. So I loved being able to go back and see the "old" Lucian. I just can't say enough good things about this book. Recommended to Crystal by: Robin. Shelves: lynsay-sands. Irealy enjoyed this book!!!! Jul 25, Christa rated it really liked it Shelves: library-book , vampire , , paranormal-romance. This books followed Lucien. Lucien does not know how to be human and Leigh doesn't know how to be immortal.

Their misunderstanding are fun to read. Apr 20, Cathy rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , humor , fantasy , romance , paranormal , vampire , frequently-re-read. Another consistent entry in the series, an enjoyable vampire romance with lots of humor and good characters. All of her books in this series seem the same, following a proven formula. Oct 31, Fatima Miranda rated it it was amazing.

May 08, Jacqueline J rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: paranormal romance readers. Shelves: owned , paranormal-romance. I've read the entire Argeneau series but this is the first one I read and my favorite. I'm not real fond of vampire stories usually but the vampires here are not the undead kind so okay.

Another reason I went ahead and read it the first time is that it starts out in the Kansas City area where I live. Even though the KC geography is pretty wonky and full of mistakes it still gives me an affection for the book. For example if you just say Kansas City then you mean Kansas City, Missouri not Kansas I've read the entire Argeneau series but this is the first one I read and my favorite. The major city is in MO. And if you're walking from downtown KC and downtown is always assumed to mean the Missouri city unless another city is specifically specified then you're not going to walk to Kansas since you'd have a long walk across the Kaw river on one of the interstate bridges.

I read a lot of romance novels around the subject matter of vampires. This was a refreshing twist to some of the attributes of being a vampire. I've listened to several of the Argeneau books and this one is by far the best yet! I liked that the female lead was not wimpy and not intimidated by the age and strong personality of the male lead. The narrator does a good job - much better than the narrators on previous books in this series.

While this author includes humor in each, the narrator was able to really bring that humor to life and I honestly laughed out loud especially in the initial scene with Julius at Lucien's difficulties with the modern world. I liked that he was a bad-ass, but not in a rude way. Overall, a very good read Of Course I would listen again, I listen to all here books so far at lest 2- 3 times.

It helps pass the day by and I enjoy listen to here the stories while walking, resting, and just for the fun. Who was your favorite character and why? It was neat to see the stern and athortian go through denial, recognition, and finally make the same sort of life mate mistakes everyone else made.

Linsay done a total awesome job with this book. He is way better at personalizing the characters that gave them more real feel to their vocie then I could. Thanks Rick. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? Yes, but my schedule made me stretch it out to a week. But I still enjoyed and will be listenting to it again when I go on a mini vacation. Lynsay, keep up the great work and looking forward to your next book in the life of these immortals.

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? I recomend the Argeneau stories ubsolutely,positively. Because they are the best, lighthearted and entertaining storries. I read or lissen to them over and over again when I feel a bit down and they pick me up each and every time.

I can not just pick one out of the story I Love Lucian's way and behaviour it is just so funny. Get a free audiobook.