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Geoffrey Howse explores the darker and sinister s… More. In this sensational and gripping read, uncover the gritty history of the Highlands, where a suspicious death usually meant foul play and staying in a hotel might cost you your life. John P. Since , he has been researching and writing about the history of Highlands, New Jersey, almost exclusively. King and his wife of thirty-eight years, Helen, ran a bed-and-breakfast for a number of years from their historically important old home, which inspired his interest in all aspects of the history of Highlands.

George Le Cronier

Over the years, he has contributed a large number of historical vignette, style articles to local papers and has written or edited some half-dozen history books on Highlands. On 26 February the following Sunday, Le Cronier and a Constable's Officer returned to the brothel, intending to arrest the madam operating it and her husband. As Cronier attempted to arrest the madam, Marie Le Gendre, she stabbed him in the stomach with a knife, upon which the Constable's Officer fled the house crying "Murder".

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Le Cronier died the following day and Le Gendre was subsequently found guilty of manslaughter, by which she avoided the death penalty for murder. Le Cronier was buried in Green Street Cemetery, where his grave is marked by a foot tall granite memorial.

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