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You can choose to use automatic buttons—in which case a clickable Pinterest Save button will appear on every image on your site—or hover buttons, which will appear only when someone hovers their mouse over the images. Or, you can choose to add a Pinterest Save button only to a specific image on your site.

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Your photos should be clear, well-lit, well-composed, and—most importantly—in focus. Think about creative ways to showcase your product and your brand visually. After studying the performance of 50, promoted Pins, Pinterest found that lifestyle images generally outperform product images. For instance, fashion and style Pins showing products in use in real life saw 30 percent more clickthroughs and percent higher checkout rates than those showing the product alone.

For example, this Pin from Hunter Boots showcases how their boots can be worn, rather than offering a plain close-up of the boots themselves. According to Pinterest, Pins showing someone using a product or service are 67 percent more likely to drive offline sales. Eighty percent of Pinners use the Pinterest app to access the network on mobile devices, so images should be optimized for a small screen. Vertical images are your best bet, since they give you more real estate to work with. The image ratio can be up to If your image is taller than pixels, it will get cut off.

Adding a few words of text to your images can help give an immediate idea of what the linked content is all about.

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For example, food-related Pins that include a short text call-out get 23 percent more clickthroughs and 31 percent more saves. This Pin from Kraft Foods uses just the right amount of text:. Like the Pin from nail polish brand Essie below, you should also include a logo somewhere in your image. Avoid the bottom right corner, as that spot often gets covered up by product icons. Finally, keep in mind that you can create multiple Pins with different images that point to the same webpage. This is not only allowed, but encouraged , since different images can appeal to different audiences.

Make the most of the description field to tell viewers exactly what they will get if they click through to the linked content on your site. Make sure to include your most important keywords to help your Pins appear in search but, of course, be sure to do this in a natural and helpful way rather than engaging in keyword stuffing. The description in this Pin from BobVila. According to Pinterest , this practice drives 2x higher awareness. If you create multiple Pins with different images pointing to the same content, make sure to create a unique description for each one.

Then, make sure that linked content delivers on what you promise. Quality content will get Pinners excited about following and interacting with your brand both within and outside of Pinterest. On the other hand, Pinterest penalizes Pins with broken links, so make sure all of your Pinned links are correct and up to date. Rich Pins are enhanced Pins that use metadata pulled from your site to provide extra information about what Pinners will find when they click on a Pin.

Rich Pins are available for apps, recipes, products, and articles—in other words, they are almost certainly applicable to the content you are Pinning or hoping that others will Pin from your site. For example, Rich Pins for articles include a headline, the name of the author, the date the article was published, and a story description. Follow these instructions from Pinterest to get your site set up for Rich Pins. Remember: Pinterest is a social network, not a billboard. Follow boards or accounts from relevant but non-competitive brands in your industry, and make sure to actively like and engage with Pins related to your niche.

You can also get employees and brand evangelists involved in your Pinterest network by inviting them to contribute to group boards. The board has been a huge success for Allrecipes, attracting nearly , followers. Pinterest Analytics provides important information about what types of content perform best on the network, so you can tweak and improve your Pinterest for business results over time.

They quickly revised their previously female-focused Pinterest strategy to target more men, brought in even more male followers, and saw a large jump in referral traffic to their menswear pages. You can access Analytics directly from your profile by clicking the Analytics tab on the top left of the screen, and learn more about the details of using Pinterest Analytics to fine-tune your strategy in our post on Pinterest Analytics for business. Promoted Pins aka Pinterest ads are a great way to get your Pins seen by more people, creating new exposure for your brand.

But Promoted Pins can provide exposure well beyond what you pay for. Internal Pinterest data shows that advertisers get an average of 20 percent more organic clicks in the month following the launch of a Pinterest ad campaign. Clicking on the more icon … brings up a statement describing who paid for the ad. For example, take a look at this Promoted Pin from Style Bistro:.

However, when Pinners save your Promoted Pins to their own boards, they become regular organic Pins, so the promotional labels are stripped out. We walk you step-by-step through how to create a successful Pinterest ad campaign including Promoted Pins in our complete guide to Pinterest ads. Pinterest is a hyper-visual platform, relying heavily on images to establish context and meaning. This has meant that users with certain disabilities, low visibility, or those in need of screen-readers struggled to use the platform, even more so than they do on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter, which are more text-focused.

I started using SumoMe when i saw it on your website and it did not really increase to my satisfaction and that was because i had no bait for people, but with the introduction of squeeze page, i should probably use one of your ebooks as a bait. Thanks for sharing. Make no mistake: I give away lots of great stuff, but Backlinko is a business. Registration will open up again in September. Infuture please post like this more.

Hi Brain, This is an awesome guide for list building. It almost contains all great stuffs which we can not find anywhere else. Thank you for sharing this great stuff buddy…. Hey Brian, One word Awesome. I am one of your happy email subscriber. I just keep waiting to see a mail with your next article. Last night I saw this mail and thought of reading this article as first thing today. Anyways a useful article. Sharing it across for other folks. Happy Blogging! Awesome stuff, as always. I would just like to add one thing to improve conversions and build bigger list: use feature box.

Derek Halpern from SocialTriggers. Ever since I first time heard that you can get free traffic from a thing called Google, I wanted that. But, I had no idea where to start. Most of those things are considered black-hat now. But I wanted free traffic. I wanted to rank higher on Google. And after months of doing that, I finally figured out what steps you should take to build high-quality, long-lasting, legitimate backlinks, in order to rank higher on Google.

Now, I rank all my pages for very competitive search terms, and help clients do the same. See you on the other side. I am a subscriber of your blog Brian and I have mastered most of your guide here. I always look forward on your future posts. Brian… great post… again! Can you use it with any autoresponder? The one I have access to, SendReach is not on the list. Can you add html code to this? Thanks Matt.

It supports 5 autoresponders right. You can add HTML and make completely custom forms although I use the default because it converts well. Thank you for this useful blog post Brian. I really do appreciate it. Do you offer any SEO services? Hi Brian great post as usual. My main concern with the pop ups is the mobile perspective. Its such a small space.

What are your thoughts on pop ups for mobile? Thanks Tammy. Great point: popups are extra annoying on a mobile. I wish there was a way to turn off popups for mobile visitors or at least make the popup responsive. That would be an awesome feature for a popup software product. How do you have time to work on client campaigns? Hi Greg, it took me around 20 hours…not counting email outreach promotion. This is so so Awesome Brian, This is what I call Epic post, you have created a perfect guide for anyone that needs to Double and even quadruple their subscribers base… I will be coming back to read this post again, and I will be implementing these strategies one after the other on my blogs.

Thumbs up Brian. You were right! I really enjoyed this article very much. I like all of the case studies you use to back up what you have to share. This was a very informative and detailed post. I have to say I really like the tips you mentioned on the LPF techniques. They are simple, practical and obviously effective! Thanks for getting with me and letting me know about this excellent post Brian! Take care…. Really glad to hear that you enjoyed the post, Steven.

List building.. Thanks for sharing new insights to me! Your posts are a must-read for me! Second I mailed you with one question week a ago and its seems like its not a relevant or right question, Although if you consider please reply. Thanks Sachin. Thanks Mark. Like the other posts there, a lot of work went into this one. Hey Brian. Great resource. Content upgrade popups increase abandon rate and as a result, hurting your seo. But for the best, there should be gaining without losing. Perhaps put a video in the popup would help? Always enjoy receiving your updates by inbox.

You and Neil are killing it at the moment. Not usually one for popups, but your results speak for themselves. Cheers and Keep up the great work. Thanks Ryan. Great tips! Nice list. Thanks for sharing such nice list. Hi Brian, This is just a wonderful list to build a useful email subscribers. Thanks for sharing this valuable info! Brian, I just found you and this post was awesome. Thanks for all the great info. I look forward to learning more from you in the future. Do you have an app for that? Good question, Cary. I think Buffer may be your best bet.

You can load it up for a year I think…. Brian, You provide high quality, relevant marketing tips bro. Very useful content! I have tried to access the link to the Site Alerts website, but it seems that the domain is no longer active. I think it is very useful tool for any starting entrepreneur out there, so I am very interested in following this. Does anybody have any idea what happened to them? Thank you for providing added value by your articles and keep up the good work! Thanks Olivia. Feel free to use that instead: BuiltWith. Some brilliant tips here.

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Email Marketing is a gold mine and a great way of connecting to new visitors. Thanks for sharing your outstanding work. Yet another kick-ass post, Brian. Hell, im gonna try and get my grandma hooked on your blog is never too late, right? Whatever you share gives a lot of quality to our knowledge.

Its a wonderful list. Right now i am working on the 17 untapped backlink techniques, will start working on it once i am done with it. Great post Brian. As someone that has stupidly not concentrated on building my list till recently I found this post invaluable to get my list building on the right track. Thank you for this informative and easily understandable post. Bookmarked and shared. Another crazy good post! Man your content is so good. I had a request from your fans. Would you consider doing a post on http: vs https? Will that change to this new format hurt our backlinks and create s?

Is it necessary to change? How to go about doing it? Everybody is talking about this new google change and how important it is, but NOBODY is talking actionable steps and what to do. You are the man of action and actionable steps. So I wanted to make that humble request for your consideration as I think it would make smashing content for your site. Since, this is fresh and a public hunger for that content I think it would generate you a lot of backlinks because of the viral nature. Shameless I know…..

But hey maybe it will get your fans to keep submitting ideas. There might be something here to channel your fan base to get us to help your business. Think it over….. You really have reached Malcolm Gladwell Tribe status. And have done a great job with that.

At this point whatever you asked the tribe to do they would deliver for you. I just have to implement it myself first. I was thinking to enlarge my subcriber base from a very long time but was not able to due to very less traffic.. But after following the above mentioned techniques, I think it could be a boon for my blog. Brian , your every post is like a book, I always read your post and try to find a few questions to ask..

I wonder how long you take to prepare a post like this, I probably would take a whole year! Really impressive link building guide that helps me to improve the current link building process of my own website. I will follow your steps and guides for my projects. This is amazing stuff! Thank you so much. I have a question for you. You use Aweber as your email service right?

Is it LeadPages? I find that Awebers sign-up forms are not very good. Thanks, Ryan. Wow really awesome list Brian! Now I understand the effectiveness of using a proper statement on the popup optin form. Now I had to rewrite something Interesting making user feel they are missing something if they not going to subscribe! Some will just throw an email in there to get them to go away. Hi David, you raise a good point. My feeling is this: a mediocre lead is better than no lead at all. If a business has issues converting targeted people to sales, then the sales process needs to improve.

Pop-ups are two-sided for me. On the other, some folks just find them annoying. An enjoyable and informative post nonetheless. Thanks, Brian! Awesome stuff. I am using aweber and optimise press at the moment. I might of missed it if you mentioned it.. Will definitely test the pop-up opt-in. Will give a shot to another methods too. I was skeptic at first, but reading your logic behind it, it makes sense. Thank you, Brian. Sounds good, Al. Definitely try it and let me know how it works out for you. Excellent post as always Brian. I may have lost that email.

Would it be possible for you to post the download link here please? Thanks in advance. Thanks Angelo. If people sign up via that opt-in form, they will get a beautiful PDF file that summarizes that post. What should I do to make sure that people who sign up thru that post-specific opt-in form will automatically be added to the main sidebar list? Hi Frank, that depends on which email provider you use. I recommend reaching out to them with a link to this post and ask them how to set it up. Lots of great resources. Right now I use it for my music, but as I build my new business this is putting me ahead of the game.

For proof, I dare all readers to scroll down the comments section and see how many comments get a Brian Dean reply. Hint: all of them. Including this one, I bet. This is such an exhaustive post. And it is going to take exhaustive efforts to implement. But that has affected our conversions. Hi Brian, Excellent post! This happened to be my introduction to your content. Can you share which tool you used for the confirmation page, which pops up after clicking for the PDF checklist? I saw that you use Max Blog Press, but I think that was an answer to a related, but different question.

Very very good stuff Brian. And my attention span these days is quite brief. Thanks for the great tips! Interesting ideas here. I found a couple things I had not heard of. I have subscribed to your newsletter as soon as I confirm. Mayank, thanks. Hi Brian! As I see I miss several list items on my blog… want to implement immediately! One question though — with the yellow box subscription after the first paragraph I subscribe and get the pdf opened at the same window….

And i want to try 1 more option — with timed popup leadboxes or exit leadboxes to see what I get Thanks a lot! Your blog is a real treasure!!!! Sounds good, Alena. These should definitely help. This list is brilliant! Your usual top-notch quality in action. Nowadays there are various free plugins that do what subscriber magnet does and then some. I thoroughly enjoyed the post. It is a lot to absorb at once but I will be reviewing the information later and take the appropriate actions necessary.

It was an opener for me on the very many and simple strategies existing to help with traffic and interactions. I love your site and have signed up for your newsletters. Hey Brian, Love this post! Been using it as a bible for our list building planning. You made me laugh throughout the post by this single line. Extremely helpful post! Thanks for this! Wow — amazingly in depth post on list building! I am having a real focus on this just installed my lead magnet which is doing well but there is a tonne of things I still need to focus on. Thanks for the tips. Thanks Emma. Excellent stuff.

I used some of the strategies on my blog, and am thinking I should implement some more strategies listed here. Great blod post. Some really fantastic marketing strategies here. Perhaps surprisingly email converts better than any other channel such as facebook or twitter and pop-ups have been proven to collect the most email address of visitors. Been reading you for a couple of weeks now. A lot of people speak quite highly of you.

I have been using SEO techniques to help my local business to great success, but I love learning new tools and tips that I could possibly implement in my business SEO. I truly appreciate the About Me page and turning it into a lead gen landing page. I think I am going to have to try that. Thanks a lot! Hey Brian, have you found other opt in providers that have the 2 button optin like bounce exchange? I agree with you and do the same. However, from January 10, Google promises to start punishing the mobile sites with pop ups. In your opinion, how it will affect ecommerce sites and pop up providers?

What an amazing amount of awesome content. And thanks for making this video that shows you explaining what you did to rank the page.

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Love your work, keep it up. Maybe its not all as complicated as you suggest. Hey Brian! Big fan here! Those would be the animations that lets say, as you scroll down, the content reveals with certain animation fade, slide, etc , or is it better to just use static pages? I had on my website animations like that, that made it look better, but removed them coz of conspriacy. You can remove my previous comment, I pressed Enter by mistake and it posted while not being finished. Yes you have ranked on 1st position!

Hey Brian I was watching ur videos which u left 2 weeks ago seo case study as u said list building keyword ranked out 1 in your video. You are the true seo guy I watch every video to be frank I still not subscribe ur youtube channel and I will do it now. Big fan here of you! Thank You deer.

Great Read!

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I have already started to implement a few. How can I add the subscribe to email checkbox in a comments? Been looking for weeks! So much info that you give Brian. Just Bookmarked so much. Very Appreciative and I know this will help as well.