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The time to be proactive is now.

The War on Public Schools - The Atlantic

We believe that we are stronger together as we combine our thoughts and collective intelligence to advocate for public education. Send your items to editorial nspra. We need to make the case for public education, speak truth to power and fight back when others make false statements and claims that rip at the very foundation of our great nation. Public schools serve more than We know that the more than 6.

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They are All In for Public Education. NSPRA believes that public dollars should go to public schools that are open and accessible to all children, and governed by locally elected boards of education.

NSPRA also believes that all children deserve access to a great public school. We believe that parents should have the opportunity, where possible, to choose the appropriate school for their children.

EVIDENCE: Public Education Crushed So The Ruling Elite Can Keep Us Dumb

And, we applaud the innovative school districts that are creating a wide range of school options within the public school framework. Yet we also recognize that private choices have public consequences, and that the kids who need public education the most are the ones most likely to get left behind in a market-based competition for students, teaching talent, parent involvement and the other human and financial resources that help good schools thrive.

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All In for Public Education is designed as a collective web resource to bring you some of the best advocacy tactics, articles and insight on becoming a stronger advocate for public education. We have divided the resources into 6 sections to make it easier for you to grab the resources you need in your advocacy efforts. Updated on a regular basis with focus on public education support and research. Brief descriptions of political and funding organizations and the type of work they do. Graphic, electronic and video accounts of great examples of brief public education moments and results to instill the benefits of our public schools on society.

Double your impact! We aim to serve more than principals and , students by , with an emphasis on our most vulnerable schools. Press enter to search.

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Our Work Transforming Chicago's public schools by investing in the innovative principals who lead them. Programs Policy Partnership. Programs for Principals. Policy and Reports The Fund publishes reports and case studies to advance and protect policies that are important to strong school leadership. Learn More.

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  • Annual Principal Engagement Survey Our annual survey gauges principal experience during the previous school year to better understand the needs of principals citywide. The Chicago Principal Partnership. Invest in Chicago's Principals Double your impact! Donate Today. Support our Next Phase We aim to serve more than principals and , students by , with an emphasis on our most vulnerable schools. Join October's Principal Appreciation Campaign!