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Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Philosophy: Logic Artificial Intelligence. Description Labelled deduction is an approach to providing frameworks for presenting and using different logics in a uniform and natural way by enriching the language of a logic with additional information of a semantic proof-theoretical nature. Labelled deduction systems often possess attractive properties, such as modularity in the way that families of related logics are presented, parameterised proofs of metatheoretic properties, and ease of mechanisability.

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Ruy de Queiroz

Advances in Temporal Logic Howard Barringer. Frontiers of Combining Systems Franz Baader. Logic, Language and Computation Seiki Akama. Advances in Intensional Logic Maarten de Rijke. Frontiers in Belief Revision M. The Death of Argument J. Rigid Flexibility Pei Wang. Table of contents Preface.

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Contributing Authors. Balat, D. Beckert, R. Hahnle, F. Labelled Abduction I ; K. Broda, D. Cerrito, M. Cialdea Mayer. Ruy de Queiroz received his B. An Essay into the Logical Foundations of Computation.

This led to a type theory called "Meaning as Use Type Theory". Since later in the s, Ruy de Queiroz has been engaged, jointly with Dov Gabbay , in a program of providing a general account of the functional interpretation of classical and non-classical logics via the notion of labeled natural deduction. As a result, novel accounts of the functional interpretation of the existential quantifier, as well as the notion of propositional equality, were put forward, the latter allowing for a recasting of Richard Statman 's notion of direct computation, and a novel approach to the dichotomy "intensional versus extensional" accounts of propositional equality via the Curry-Howard correspondence.

Since the early s, Ruy de Queiroz has been investigating, jointly with Anjolina de Oliveira , a geometric perspective of natural deduction based on a graph-based account of Kneale 's symmetric natural deduction.

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He has had seven Ph. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The International Directory of Logicians. College Publications.