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Dune Hardcover by Frank Herbert. Vincent watched the retriever scamper across the lawn. Between windsurf sessions and spikey haired adventures, Rick has been a software developer for over 25 years, developing business and Web applications since the very early days of the Web when you needed a hand crank or a pair of wire splicers to get online. NET stack on the back end. The journey for this product began back in the middle of and MS AJAX has just gone through a typical month Microsoft product release cycle.

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Anticipation for the final 1. Microsoft released the ASP. Microsoft also has the ASP.

ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 is here

NET 2. The Futures release could introduce breaking changes in the future. NET Framework as part of the next version of the. In addition to the ASP. The ASP. Let me tell you what each of these components provides.

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This hands-off approach means there are no service packs or other changes required for ASP. NET or the.

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NET Framework, but just a new install of this library. Microsoft made this approach a goal of this 1. NET team had to make some tough design decisions to provide backwards compatibility without touching the existing ASP. NET codebase. On its own, the library provides the popular UpdatePanel-a powerful client script base library that provides many useful extensions and.

NET-isms to the JavaScript language and network services that simplify making callbacks to the server and the current page. The UpdatePanel server control-the most popular control of the library-makes it easy to create pages that have partially updating content. You simply drop the UpdatePanel server control on a page and wrap it around any block of markup and controls. You can then trigger the panel by either causing a server event from a control inside the panel, or by assigning external event triggers. The AJAX callback fires to the server and updates only the content of the panel.

This control provides a no-code approach to AJAX and because of that, many developers have made it a favorite. For example, you can use the PageRequestManager to notify you when a callback completes or when an error occurs. Using the PageRequestManager gives you more control but requires at least a little bit of JavaScript code in the page.

Microsoft spent a lot of effort on this control ensuring that it works in many different scenarios with no or minimal code changes. Given the variety of scenarios this control needs to address I think they have succeeded in achieving this goal-it works well in most situations. The ScriptManager must be used to load script resources and any client-side script code into a page in order for UpdatePanel to recognize the updates to the page www.

This means that even some Microsoft controls will not work inside of an UpdatePanel-the TreeView and Menu controls, for example.

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NET Page cycle for callbacks. This JavaScript library is independent and you can use it in any type of client application including non-Microsoft solutions. It also extends the existing JavaScript language classes like String, Data and Array, with new functionality and provides many utility functions. Most of these controls and behaviors in the client library are pretty bare bones and not meant for application-level use. Rather they offer base functionality that control developers can extend.

For example, the ASP. MS AJAX also includes the core infrastructure for building custom controls and there are specific guidelines both on the client and server side that a control developer has to follow in order to create ASP. On the client, control developers must use special constructs like type descriptors and method naming conventions in order for controls to work within the MS AJAX mindset.

The library is large and not very discoverable-IntelliSense does not support it to help you along and the documentation is still minimal and only available online. Many of the. NET-like features also vary somewhat from their. Using a good JavaScript editor like Aptana www. In the final months leading up to release, Microsoft significantly reworked the client-side library and reduced its download footprint.

Download sizes can be as low as 24k gzipped with a ScriptManager on the page, but the library footprint will increase as you add functionality and incur additional library downloads. A simple page in release mode with an UpdatePanel on the page loads around 35k of gzipped script resources on the first load. Given the functionality provided by the library this is fairly impressive.

There are both low- and high-level mechanisms available. The low-level WebRequest class provides raw network access with a wrapper around XmlHttpRequest, while Web service and PageMethods callbacks allow a higher level approach that routes client callbacks directly to server code. The latter lets you make RPC-style callbacks to the current page or to Web services. The JSON serializer can deal with most.

Unfortunately though, Microsoft moved support for DataTable and DataSet to the Futures release so if you plan on using the 1. JSON-style callbacks are fairly low level, leaving most of the client-side coding up to you. Microsoft did a great job getting the base tools fleshed out and solid and has provided a strong base library for component developers to work with. The key application-level features are the UpdatePanel and Network callback features and the core JavaScript library.

Much of the functionality that has the potential for making client-side scripting a lot easier and providing some UI glitz that developers associate with AJAX requires using the ASP.

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  5. Microsoft makes the current Futures releases available as Community Technology Previews CTP , which means Microsoft typically updates them on a monthly basis. The January ASP.