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Henry tossed his gun in the safe and banged it shut, spinning the combination lock. He pushed his way through the swinging door into the kitchen and froze.

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Where he had left breakfast dishes scattered over the table, there now arose an enormous tiered edifice of white frosting with a small plastic bride and groom standing on top. Two small faces appeared on either side of the wedding cake. Gus lifted both hands and waggled his fingers. No rings. And they had this, because someone had ordered it and never picked it up. He knew Steve was no-good, that lousy two-timer.

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Henry could feel the blood vessels under his scalp constricting. And I want to know where did you get the money for that? Henry briefly considered his alternatives. Fortunately, the external model was tiptoeing toward the door, his face still covered with frosting.

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Gus stared at Shawn, who glared back at him. Then he turned back to Henry. Henry reached for his wallet, then pulled his hand away. Shawn shot one last glare at Gus. Then he dug in his shirt pocket and came out with three playing cards.

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With great effort he shoved the wedding cake to the edge of the table to clear off a space, then put the three cards down with their faces up. There were two numbered clubs and the queen of hearts. You pick out the queen and you win. Shawn flipped the cards over and smushed them around on the table. To make yourself a brand.

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Look at Diablo Cody. She was the hot chick who took off her clothes and wrote about it. But would her scripts alone have taken her where she is now?

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Maybe — but not as fast…. What do you know now that you wish you knew at the beginning of your career? Writers should do that, too. Tiffany Hawk, author of Love Me Anyway, is a travel writer who write fiction and non-fiction from experience. Ron Hogan helped create the literary Internet by launching Beatrice.

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In , after writing about the business Sports is in the air! Today Write On! Mother-daughter team Barbara Kelley and Shannon Kelley are the authors of Undecided, a book about choice overload, published by This group helps individuals of all abilities, mediums, and specialties take their projects to the next level. She also assists in them in developing content identity through books, blogging, social media, or all of the above.

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July 10, September 7, So before I was a TV writer, I was a street poet… What was your first professional writing experience? Maybe — but not as fast… What do you know now that you wish you knew at the beginning of your career? Share this. Related Articles. Send Sending.