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Should be somewhat of a different story, at least on some levels.

Other medium to pop on my ipod? Thank you.

How many of you know who I am? This is competitive, but no profit for myself or the authors.

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Bought it. Decided to buy it anyway.

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Not very clever, really. It still stands today. All its ladders have been […]. A quote, from Shivering Sands which arrived today from lulu. But the ride was smooth and I finished Shivering Sands and got about pages into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which is quite good so […].

Had to contain laughter while reading a few bits.

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Which reminds me I also have 7 episodes of […]. Blogging, reblogging and twittering is encouraged, if not openly begged for. Bob Bruhin. Gekko Hopman.

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