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Includes bibliographical references p. The scarlet sisters Everleigh. Striped skunk and wild onions ; Another Uncle Tom's cabin ; Getting Everleighed ; The demon of lust lies in wait ; Lovely little lies ; The stories everyone knows ; Lords and ladies of the levee ; Great in religion, great in sin ; Knowing your Balzac ; Invocation ; Millionaire playboy shot - accident or murder?

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Flesh and bone, body and soul. Immigration Commission ; More immoral than heathen China ; The organizer ; It don't never get good until three in the morning ; Dispatch from the U. Immigration Commission ; Judgment days ; Have you a girl to spare?

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So what if he was married, the father of three—he had money and status and power, and men with those things always went to the Everleigh Club. A prostitute shot him, maybe in the Gold Room or the Japanese Parlor or beneath the glass chandeliers suspended like stalactites from the ceiling. Later, as the sun deserted the sky and the streets gripped the fog, those Scarlet Sisters, Minna and Ada Everleigh, ordered his unconscious body smuggled out and planted in his home.

Those Scarlet Sisters heard all about their alleged hand in the incident, how they stood idly by while one of their harlots blasted the poor man, then directed the covert removal of his bloody body. Nonsense, every bit of it. The sisters had decided long ago to permit no stains, blood or otherwise, on their house.

Neither would the Everleighs add their own voices to the din.

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Discretion paid—but also had its price. Still, journalists staked out the sisters all week, trying to score something—anything—that would be safe to print. Minna and Ada waited in the front parlor, expecting yet another newsman. Hair was wound tight with pins or left to fall in tousled waves, depending on the preference of their regulars.

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Eyes rimmed in black and lashes painted, standing stiffer than the prongs of a fork. Each courtesan had a name chosen by her peers. Minna navigated the silk couches, the easy chairs, and the grand piano, the statues of Greek goddesses peering through exotic palms, the bronze effigies of Cupid and Psyche, the imported rugs that swallowed footsteps.

Sin In The Second City: Madams, Ministers, Playboys, and the Battle for America's Soul

She had an odd walk, a sort of caterpillar bend and hump, pause and catch up, as the poet Edgar Lee Masters, a friend and frequent client, described it. She came to rest before a wide-paneled window and swallowed, her throat squeezing behind a brooch of diamonds thick as a clenched fist. Holding back the curtain, she surveyed Dearborn Street.

Making love pay in the Levee

Arc lamps stretched up and out, unfurling bold ribbons of light. The air was thick and yellow, as if the varnish manufacturer on the next block had slathered his product across the sky. Visibility was reduced to the next street, or the next corner, or sometimes just the next step. Panders, an underworld term that served as both verb and noun, were outfitted in dandy ties and jaunty hats, lurking in corners and alleys.

Soon their salesmen would make the rounds. Funny thing was, Minna knew, Lottie was a college graduate who spoke five languages, and in her spare time composed music and painted portraits. Blind men cranked hurdy-gurdies, spinning tangled reams of melody. The air reeked of sweat and blood and swine entrails, prologue: angels of the line xxi drifting up from the Union Stock Yards just a few blocks southwest. Merry Widdo Kiddo, the famous peep-show girl, warmed up her booth, breasts twirling like pinwheels behind the glass. Minna watched a figure turn the corner of 21st Street onto Dearborn and waited for the solemn gong of the bell.

She patted the dark, frizzed coil of hair at the nape of her neck and reached for the door. From knuckle to wrist to elbow, waist to bodice to neck, she was ablaze in jewels. Diamonds played with the parlor light, tossing tiny rainbows against the wall. The boy this time was Frank Carson of the Chicago Inter Ocean , a once respected newspaper that had declined in recent years. Minna invited him inside with a slow-motion sweep of her arm.

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  6. He was no stranger to the Everleigh Club; every reporter in the city knew its phone number, Calumet , by heart. Carson saw precisely what the Everleighs wished him to see, and knew what they wished him to know. Both sisters had a prim, close-lipped smile, genuine but guarded, as if a full-on grin risked conveying complexities best left unmined.

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    The younger one, Minna, was the talker. She spoke in clipped, staccato sentences, shooting words from her mouth—it was so good to see her boy, it had been far too long since his last visit, he should stop by more often. She broke occasionally for a frenetic drag of a goldtipped, perfumed cigarette. Ada stood next to her sister, quiet.