Manual Surface Modified Carbons as Scavengers for Fluoride from Water

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Remove Fluoride From Water With GREAT Home Water Filter Systems

Assistant Professor of Environmental sciences,Bharathidasan university Verified email at bdu. Plant and algae. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2 , , Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, , Biosciences, Biotechnology Research Asia 7 2 , , Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26 12 , , Journal of environmental chemical engineering 6 4 , , Green Technologies and Environmental Sustainability, , Recent Research in Science and Technology 3 6 , Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements , , Journal of organometallic chemistry 3 , , Fundamentals of microb Du kanske gillar.

New modified chitosan-based adsorbent for defluoridation of water.

Lifespan David Sinclair Inbunden. Spara som favorit. This study focused on the development of an electrocoagulation-assisted fluoride removal system where activated alumina can be used as a downstream polishing unit for additional removal of fluoride. Nalagola village of West Bengal in India, where most of the available drinking water sources were contaminated with excess fluoride, was selected for the installation of the defluoridation unit.

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The electrocoagulation unit along with the downstream sand filter was able to decrease the fluoride level below 1. However, in case the electrocoagulation system malfunctions due to passivation or disruption of power supply, the alumina column will be put to use to treat the water to the desired extent.

Surface Modified Carbons as Scavengers for Fluoride from Water (ebook)

Higher fluoride content in the contaminated water will, however, require the downstream alumina column as the polishing unit for adequate removal of fluoride. Fluorine is a highly reactive electronegative element and naturally found in a combined form with other elements.

In water, it remains as fluoride. It can be present in soil and air also. Beside the natural abundance, anthropogenic activities e.

Surface Modified Carbons as Scavengers for Fluoride from Water

According to the World Health Organization, Permissible limit of fluoride in drinking water is 1. When presence of fluoride in drinking water is within the permissible limit, it exerts beneficial effects on teeth, preventing dental caries; while, chronic exposure of fluoride beyond the permissible limit causes mild to severe form of dental and skeletal fluorosis.

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Apart from these hard tissues, chronic fluoride exposure beyond the permissible limit causes detrimental effect on soft tissues e. Studies also indicate that fluoride induces significantly genotoxic effect both in vivo and in vitro. Although various techniques have been developed for defluoridation of water but each one has limitations.

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Unfortunately, till date, there is no effective strategy of fluorosis treatment. In order to develop an effective therapeutic strategy, thorough understandings on the molecular mechanism of fluoride induced toxicity should be unravelled. This review enlightens both beneficial and toxic effects of fluoride emphasizing its molecular mechanism of action. In between several defluoridation techniques discovered so far, the adsorption process proved to be most economic and efficient.

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This study is an effort to evaluate defluoridation efficiency of powdered rice husk, fine chopped rice husk and sawdust by the batch adsorption process. Optimum defluoridation capacity is achieved by optimizing various parameters, viz. It was found that all three materials can be employed for the defluoridation technique, but powdered rice husk is the best adsorbent in the midst of all three.

Following this parameter optimization, adsorption efficiency was also evaluated at natural pH of groundwater to minimize the cost of defluoridation. The adsorption isotherm using this adsorbent perfectly followed Langmuir isotherms. The value of calculated separation factor also suggests the favourable adsorption of fluoride onto this adsorbent under the conditions used for the experiments.