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Comparisons of research on fear conditioning in rats and humans illustrate that both species show similar responses, including increases in blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration, and the release of stress hormones.

Extinction takes places when repeated exposure to a learned fear stimulus with no aversive consequences results in new learning that the conditioned stimulus is now safe. It forms the basis for exposure therapy treatment of phobias.

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Animal models show that activity in the ventral medial prefrontal cortex vmPFC is necessary for extinction to occur and that the amygdala plays a key role in its success. Phelps explained how cognitive therapists use emotional regulation to help patients reassess whether to associate a stimulus with a negative affect into neutral or positive emotional terms. In this case, the vmPFC controls fear by inhibiting the amygdala, which controls expression and helps with the formation and storage of memories associated with emotional events.

She also explained study results relating to the reconsolidation of a conditioned fear response and the retrieval—extinction procedure, known to act on neural circuits in the brain to prevent drug craving and relapse. Skip to main content.

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Developing Emotion Self-Regulation

Sign in with your library card. Search within Abstract and Keywords Several decades of scientific research provide strong evidence that individuals who suffer from emotion dysregulation, such as that observed in depression and anxiety, are more vulnerable to addictive behavior.

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Developmental differences in children who have experienced adversity

Topics from this paper. Disease Emotions.

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