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Peter McHoy is a well-known and highly respected author and journalist. He has written books on many gardening and houseplant topics, and has compiled and edited important gardening works such as The Gardening Encyclopedia and The Gardener's Diary. He started his career as a seed analyst, but soon moved into magazine journalism so that he could share his enthusiasm for plants and gardens. He has written more than 60 books, and also runs a horticultural photographic library.

A Guide To Houseplants

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Brutal variations in temperature and humidity can be detrimental. Stability is key. On this blogsite, I cover everything you need to know to grow your favorite houseplants with confidence. And so will you!

Simple Steps to Not Kill Your Plants

Struggling with houseplants? All you need to know in one place, 10 pages! Whether you're a beginner, an experienced plant lover, a plant-killer, or have a busy lifestyle, this blog will guide you.

If you're on the lookout for low maintenance houseplants to green your home. If you don't have a green thumb but still want to enjoy the benefits of houseplants.

Leaf Supply: A Guide To Keeping Happy Houseplants – Merchant of York

Toss in a fertilizer stick once a month to keep your ivy plants growing well in a glass of water, and make sure that your plant has access to plenty of sunlight for one of the lowest maintenance plants available today. You can also opt for a traditional potted ivy, but you will need to water your plant more frequently than those living in a non-soil environment. Some plants, such as the Chinese evergreen , are large and provide ample indoor cleaning power while also being easy to care for.

Safe houseplants can be arranged together for an eye catching display that brings a little of the outdoors inside, without too much of a hassle. The traditional ficus plant is also one of the most simple to care for, and also provides the most cleaning power for your indoor air.

Ultimate Guide to Houseplants

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